Red Herring

I joined Red Herring, a monthly magazine about the business of technology, during the ascent of the dotcom bubble. First I managed the magazine’s sizeable editorial research team, which provided data-driven stories to the print and online divisions of the magazine. Later, I edited Forward, the magazine’s front-of-the-book section. Below, some of my writing clips:

The battle over digital television, September 2002 [PDF]

Branding for dummies: August 2002 [PDF]

Palm’s recovery strategy just might work: January 2002 [PDF]

How to protect your DNA from unauthorized use, October 2001 [PDF]

Dinner with The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell: March 2001

Venture capital in Washington: October 2000 [PDF]

Scandal at Utah tech company Cimetrix: September 2000

Oxygen Media goes for gold: May 2000