The Thinking Eater’s Guide to Food

I came up with the idea for WIRED’s August 2016 cover package, which we nicknamed the Thinking Eater’s Guide to Food. The goal was to help readers synthesize competing issues of environmental concerns, nutrition, and scalability. I also wrote a story explaining what foods readers should turn to during the never-ending California drought. The package was nominated for a National Magazine Award in the Leisure Interest category in 2017.

Previously, I had analyzed a research paper about water consumption of different crops to create the WIRED guide to produce that won’t make the drought worse.


Why Things Suck

Wired, February 2008


Journalists love to kvetch, so it’s no surprise that Wired published a cover package called “Why Things Suck.” The package, which I co-created, aimed to explain the scientific reasons that, for example, office printers jam or human knees fail. In addition to editing several pieces, I explained why your tomatoes taste terrible (short answer: because you’re eating them in February!) and why fertility treatments fail so often (short answer: gametes are fragile).