The Sickeningly Low Rate of Vaccinations at Silicon Valley Day Cares

In February I reported on the vaccination rates at daycares associated with Silicon Valley companies. In my investigation I found that the childcare centers affiliated with several large companies — Google and Pixar among them — had unusually low rates of vaccinations among young children.

I followed up on the story here and here.

I discussed my reporting on CNBC’s Power Lunch show.

An Epidemic of Fear: The Aftermath

Wired, November 2009


In 2009 Wired published a brave piece by Amy Wallace entitled, “An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All.” The piece was hugely controversial — a year later, readers were still sending letters about it.

In the weeks following the story’s publication, Wired launched a blog, which I edited, providing some of the background reporting that didn’t make it into the story. A group of reporters also answered readers’ questions and covered news of a mumps epidemic in New York.

As the editor of Wired‘s letters section, I was also charged with condensing close to 1,000 reader responses into two pages in the print magazine. Read that letters section here. I discussed the challenges of editing that section in this Storyboard podcast.

Talk of the Nation: Return to Sender


National Public Radio, November 2008

For years, Wired invited readers to send us artwork through the mail, sans packaging. It was partly a test to see what the USPS would handle. Over the years we received everything from a surfboard to a giant DNA helix to a navel orange. When we discontinued the contest in 2008, I wrote about its demise in the magazine. Then I discussed it with Neal Conan on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation.